Animal Neglect Case Headed to Board

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Over 200 animals seized in a suspected animal abuse case in Josephine County could soon be up for adoption or auctioned off. The board of commissioners will review a recommendation Wednesday.

The Public Health Department recommends anyone who claims to own the animals must pay a security fee, $45 for impound plus $25 a day for the care of the animals since September 14th.

The owners must also show proof of their ownership. The county said this is standard policy for any animal seizure case. Animals could be up for adoption or auction in the next couple of months.

“Any animal that gets adopted out of the shelter will pay the standard adoption fees and not be required to pay what it started to costing us to take care of the animals,” explained Josephine County Public Health Director Diane Hoover.

The prosecuting attorney in this case said six people contacted the county claiming the animals belonged to them, but only one person has been able to provide some form of documentation