Angelina Jolie’s News Inspiring Others

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Local women are taking Angelina Jolie’s recent announcement to heart.

Since the star spoke publicly about her decision to have a double mastectomy, a local hospital is getting four times as many calls about genetic testing.

Jolie made the decision, after tests showed she carried the BRCA I gene. That mutation gives her an 87 percent chance of getting breast cancer.

Now, other women with breast cancer in their families are calling Providence Medford Medical Center. The hospital offers free breast and ovarian cancer hereditary risk assessments.

“It’s a very empowering thing, but it’s also very scary, because we can prevent cancer based on the decisions you make, but having to make those decisions is something nobody wants to do,” said Kate Newgard, RN, BSN, OCN.

Many insurance companies cover the genetic testing, if you meet certain risk requirements.