AnchorMom: #BareYourBelly


Women are sharing pictures of their post-baby bellies on social media

Are you familiar with the recent headlines about a mom in Canada who decided to wear a bikini to a beach – and then was ridiculed by some young men for her stretchmarks and less-than-toned tummy?

I think almost any mom can imagine what she is experiencing.  I remember being pregnant with Olivia, and a woman who had just given birth confessed to me that the first time she looked into the mirror after delivering the child she cried.  The baby bump that had been a source of such pride and amazement for 9 months was suddenly hanging empty.  It seemed like an impossible battle to get the stretched out skin back into place.

I was blessed.  Right after delivering Olivia I was amazed at what a woman’s body was capable of. I never felt embarrassed or ashamed of my new figure. But I also did not put on a bikini for another 2 years until my stomach was once again toned and tanned.  And even then, it was only for our backyard.

After baby #2, things have not returned to their “normal” place.  Maybe it’s because I’m so busy chasing around 2 little monkeys that my workouts have not been as intense (or as regular).  Maybe it’s because I’m now in my 30’s.  (LeBron James is even having a tough time with weight now that he’s 29).

I doubt I ever wear a bikini again.  You’re welcome.

I’m OK with being proud of being a mom without participating in #BareYourBelly.  However, I really support the many women who are putting themselves out there.  Power to them!

What do you think about the movement? Tweet/FB me your #BareYourBelly if you dare!  Or share your emotions about why it’s a great sentiment, but you’re are sitting this one out.

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  1. Danielle Craig says:

    This mom is awesome! I’m not quite as quick to #baremybelly, but I agree with you Ashley, more power to her!

    I’ll also add, we can be proud of any stretchmarks we may have because they’re what we got when we created the things that make us happiest in this world!

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