Anchor Mom: “We were gonna be cookers”

In case you missed it – check out this great segment about how to discipline your child with Dr. Mary Murdoch from Southern Oregon Pediatrics.

Of course, being the mom of a toddler, I’ve dealt with a temper tantrum or two.  For the most part, I have a pretty well-behaved toddler.  But how often can you really put “well-behaved” and “toddler” in the same sentence when you’re being entirely truthful with yourself?

One of the most recent temper tantrums happened while I was talking to my mother-in-law on the phone.  J wouldn’t stop screaming, throwing a huge fit, jumping up and down – the whole show.  Finally, I hung up with my mother-in-law, telling her I had to deal with my sweet-toddler-turned-terror.

I typically try to talk to him calmly (most times successfully) to ask him what’s going on.  I bent down and said, “What is going on? I have no idea what’s wrong because you’re not using your big boy words to explain.  What’s wrong?”

He stopped screaming and started using those ‘big boy words’ between gasps for breath.

“You took off your apron…” (Huge gasp for breath)… “We… were… gonna be cookers.”

It all came together for me.  We had been cooking dinner together beforehand, both of us wearing aprons.  When I was talking to my mother-in-law I had taken my apron off.  He came up with the word “cookers” and everything to describe what had happened.

It really broke my heart.  I told him I was sorry, but explained all he needed to do was tell me he wanted to keep being “cookers.”  Because he threw a fit he lost the privilege of cooking, but we would try again tomorrow.

We tried again the next day and all was fine (except maybe my charred food, but you can’t win them all).

I want to hear your temper tantrum stories – aren’t they fun?  Most embarrassing, craziest or maybe even a little heartbreaking like this one.  And what do you do to stop them?