Anchor Mom: Thank Goodness for Dad!

The family "trick-or-treats" me at work

The family “trick-or-treats” me at work

As a working mom, my husband has the joy of doing many of the things moms typically handle.  After school taxi-service, sitting through long sports practices, cooking dinner, and giving the kids baths.  And he does it without me.  I’m on the air from the time school ends until 7pm.

And he works full time, too.

So I am not surprised to read the report on Fatherhood and Economics just released by the Obama Administration.  It highlights the many ways the role of dads have changed.

The number of stay at home dads has doubled in the past 25 years. Including those who do work, dads are helping out more with kids and housework.  You can read the full report here.

Of course, the fact that dads roles are changing indicates the way moms roles are changing too.  And more often both parents are working (60% of families according to the new federal report).  That means we face many of the same demands and challenges of the so-called “second shift”.

My husband's fist moments as a dad.

My husband’s fist moments as a dad.

The struggles of balancing work and family starts for most every parent at birth.  The United States is one of four countries that does not offer paid parental leave.  (California does offer 6 weeks of paid maternity leave).  Recovering from birth, bonding with the new family member, and figuring out how to live on almost zero sleep with little-to-no resemblance of life pre-baby is rough.  But so is living for 3 months without a paycheck.

My family is blessed to have had a chance for me to take time off with the birth of both my babies.  Both times my husband took maybe a handful of days.

He makes up for time missed those first few months by getting all that quality time in afternoons and evenings now.

How does your family deal with the work-life balance?


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  1. cindy says:

    My son Is a single father and he is an amazing dad to his son when he works I have his son im the grandma but whenever my son is not working he spends his free time with his son and they do things together they go to car shows, to the coast, and to movies when they can.

    1. Ashley Hall says:

      Your grandson is very lucky to have such a fun-loving dad! (It sounds like he was raised right) : )

  2. Jessica says:

    My boyfriend is a stay at home dad, while I work full time.
    We have a 12 Month Old and a 3 Month old, so things
    Tend to get interesting. We try to balance by doing
    Mainly a lot of activities that both the children and
    Us enjoy, such as bbqing, biking, and having fun
    In the sun!

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