Anchor Mom: Sippy Cup Drama

If you haven’t had a chance to see Erin Maxson’s ‘Does it Work’ segment on sippy cups – you can see it here.

When watching I couldn’t help but laugh when the moms showed several different kinds of sippy cups on the table (there are three more you can’t see in this picture). I don’t know one toddler mom that hasn’t been through the sippy cup war – trying to find something, anything that your child will use AND that doesn’t make a mess.sippy cups

My son has always loved the disposable sippy cups. They’ve always worked well, until the great milk disaster of 2013.

My husband had just purchased a brand new car – brand new. We went on a road trip. You can see how this story is shaping up, right? About halfway through the trip – my son threw the cup, it hit the floor and milk poured all over the car’s carpet. Did I mention the sippy cup was nearly full?

We were in the middle of nowhere – our only option was to clean it up with fast food napkins we had collected on the trip. It was clearly not all out, but there wasn’t a lot we could do.

When we arrived at our destination, we tried to clean out the carpets.

Everything seemed fine. Like most things in motherhood – that didn’t last long.

After a day in the hot summer weather, we opened the door to the car – the new car smell was replaced with the smell of spoiled milk.

Luckily for me, it wasn’t my car. Not so lucky for my husband, the smell lasted for weeks.

I went to Facebook to see which brands work for moms.  Here’s what I found out:

Most of the mom’s voted for ‘Nalgene Grip N Gulp cups.’  Jennifer J. promises, “those are the only ones that don’t leak – ever.”

Bonnie W. said she switched to the ‘First Years’ Disney sippy cups because of durability issues with cheaper brands.  She also likes that they don’t have an extra insert writing, “one less thing to clean!”

And Krista J.’s vote goes to ‘Munchkin Click Lock’ cups saying their leak-free, dishwasher safe and super affordable.  Another bonus – temper tantrum proof.  Krista wrote, “My daughter is also known to throw her cups when she is having a tantrum and they haven’t cracked or come apart either.”

Which sippy cup do you like best?  Which needs to be taken out of the cabinet and tossed?


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