Anchor Mom: Preventing Tragedy

Just recently a Georgia father left his child in a hot car, resulting in the child’s death.  Originally he said it was an accident.  As early as just today, officials have said there are holes in his story.

BUT – and there is a but, I wanted to focus less on this Georgia father and his story (whether true or not), and more on the fact that this does happen.

Parents do forget their children in their cars on accident.

In fact, the organization “Kids and Cars” highlights a number of devastating stories on its website involving deadly cases caused by a change in routine, exhausted parents and other distractions.

While I fortunately haven’t had any close calls with this one, I have had instances of going into auto-pilot.  Has that ever happened to you?  You have plans to stop by the post office before work, but then when you get into your car, you drive your typical route and end up at work without ever having stopped at the post office?

We spoke with a doctor about that this morning.  You can watch the whole interview here.

He offered some great tips:

– When you put your child in the backseat, put something else you’ll need back there as well.  That can be a purse, a cellphone or something else you’ll need.

– Get in the habit of looking in the back seat every single time you get out of the car

– Use a stuffed animal as a visual reminder.  Keep the stuffed animal in the car seat.  When your child is with you, move the stuffed animal to the front seat.