Anchor Mom: Prenatal Exercise

This morning I read this, “Those who exercise about seven hours a week while pregnant….”

Wait, what?! Seven hours a week? I’m on Friday and have logged an hour of exercise since Monday.

The story is about how exercise cuts down on gestational diabetes. You can read it here.

Exercising, after working a full-time early morning shift, while juggling a toddler and errands – oh, and did I mention being pregnant – just seems impossible!

In fact, just the other day I put my son down for a nap, walked into the living room to start one of my prenatal exercise videos. The next thing I remember is waking up on the couch to the sound of my son yelling “MOM!” and my exercise DVD rolling music on the menu screen. Oops. Did that count?

In reality, I shoot for at least three days of exercise a week. I try to make at least one of those light weight training and the other two, cardio.  And you may see me doing bicep curls with a can of green beans in the grocery store (I did say light weight training).

The tips and tricks that (mostly) work for me:

– Get my son involved! That can mean a walk outside or I’ll roll out the yoga mat so he can “exercise with mama.” And yes, I’ve taught him to say “namaste.”

– Exercising after a short nap

– Planning only one errand with my toddler in the afternoon. It clears the day for home time, which means more time for exercise.

– On the weekends I wake up before my son does for some quick exercise. My weekday mornings are a little too early!

I wish I had more tips, maybe I would if I were exercising SEVEN hours a week while pregnant. This is the perfect time for you to share yours!

Oh, and the good news about this all – the study said at least ten minutes of exercise a day could significantly reduce your risk of gestational diabetes. I think I rack that up while chasing my toddler around, dancing with him and satisfying his constant request to spin him around. It might be okay after all!

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  1. Ashley Hall says:

    When I was pregnant with Olivia, I’ll never forget our former evening anchor Jennifer Seeker telling me “You can always lose the weight after they’re born, but you never know what too much exercise will do.” You see, she was an avid runner who didn’t let being pregnant with her first son slow her down. She even ran a marathon during the first few weeks of being pregnant (didn’t realize it yet). her son was born more than a month premature and spent quite a bit of time in the NICU. After hearing her advice for my first pregnancy, she didn’t need to say anything more. I knew she blamed herself for her son’s early arrival and struggles. No one knows for sure what causes premature births, but Jennifer’s advice to me was golden. Since we don’t know, why not take every precaution?
    I love your ideas for simple yoga, walks, even the exercise from playing with a toddler.
    And 10 minutes a day seems so easy, for all of us. Even if it’s just losing the weight after they’re born.

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