Anchor Mom: (Over?) Sharing Pictures

Jackson wanders into the perfect spot to capture how he feels about the second half of the soccer game

Jackson wanders into the perfect spot to capture how he feels about the second half of the soccer game

Kids are the best form of entertainment.  I didn’t always believe that.  But somehow, after having 2 of my own, my husband and I can just watch them play for hours and it’s much more interesting to us than any movie or book. Seriously, kids (especially your own) can be mesmerizing.

I think that’s why I have a tendency to post a lot of pictures of them on social media.  They are amazing to me – why wouldn’t they be amazing to the woman who decorated a Festival of Tree Christmas tree next to me in December who I linked up with online?  (Hi Jessica!)

I recognize the limitations and risks (especially with my career, I am very cautious).  But Olivia getting to actually kick the soccer ball at kindersoccer AND it’s captured on camera?  Instant Facebook profile picture.

Sure, my main conscience motivation for posting is so grandma’s across the country will be in touch without the price tag of a plane ticket every weekend.  But new research today by Priya Kumar from the University of Michigan is making me take a look at the sub conscience reasons for all the photos. (Read the NewsWatch 12 article and research here.)

I have been redefined as a woman and person since becoming a mom. It was a bigger change to my self-definition than getting married.  I have two people who need to be my #1 priority at all times (which sometimes means focusing on work so I can put food on the table).  And Kumar’s research hits the nail on the head.  I have a hard time evaluating when I’m over-sharing, because I have a hard time seeing where my “life” ends and my kids “lives” begin.  It’s one and the same.

I also do believe that a negative picture of a child can influence the way he/she is perceived by others and how I am perceived as a mother, so I rarely post pictures.  But sometimes, a tantrum-throwing toddler wanders right into the perfect spot in a picture meant to be of the soccer game, and it’s too good not to share. I hope it brings a smile to anyone who sees it.

Do you like seeing pictures of other people’s kids?  Is there a point where it’s overkill? How do you set boundaries for sharing photos of your own children/grandchildren?