Anchor Mom: Online Safety

When I was in high school my parents always said the computer would be in an open space in our home. The reason – to keep me and my siblings safe online.

Not only has the internet opened up from the world of AOL that I knew – children can now take the internet everywhere.  Smartphones and tablets are amazing, said as a gadget addict, but they can be dangerous when it comes to our children accessing inappropriate content and posting private information.

That’s why I spoke with McAfee VP and Chief Privacy Officer, Michelle Finneran Dennedy about what you can do to keep your kids safe.

Here are some of her tips:

1. Get involved – find out why your child wants to be online, do they want to be social with their friends, watch YouTube videos, etc.

2. Get social –  Finneran Dennedy said, “Check out the platforms your child wants to use just like you would check out a physical setting before you just threw your child in there.”

3. Set Up Rules – Tell your child you need to have their password and have a one week check-in about what’s going on online.

4. Practice Beforehand – Before your child gets online, start talking to them about what is and isn’t appropriate to post on social media platforms.  Finneran Dennedy will look at pictures taken by her daughter and comment, “Hey, there’s a picture of your little sister in the background, there’s our address, there’s our license plate and our make and model of our car – all of these pieces of information aren’t necessarily things I’m ready to share with the world.”

For more tips, you can watch this interview with Finneran Dennedy.

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  1. Ashley Hall says:

    Danielle – thanks for the great tips! Have I ever told you about the time my 6 year old took an old phone that was only used for it’s music library, figured out how to get onto our WiFi, went to youtube, looked up Peppa Pig Toys, found a woman who reviews Disney toys, created an account, started following the woman, and then made her own toy review video which she posted to the web? That happened between the time we got home from school and when I finished reading the mail. Seriously under an hour. Luckily it was all very anonymous and I carefully checked to make sure that she was not in any danger. But it proves the need for these rules and discussions comes earlier and earlier!

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