Anchor Mom: Mastering Motherhood

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Motherhood can bring so much joy, but the mastering part of it can almost bring the opposite.

We spoke with parenting expert and TV personality, Rosie Pope about some tips to make things a little easier.  You may remember Rosie from Bravo’s “Bethenny Getting Married” and “Pregnant in Heels.”

You can see the full clip by watching above – we talked about infertility, being a first-time mom and finding that work and family balance.

She offered the profound advice – be present in every moment.  She said, “We have a tendency when we’re overwhelmed, to be playing with our children and thinking of a gazillion other things.  Or being at work and thinking about other things even still.  It means those moments are not quality moments, you don’t really enjoy them and are not present.”

She says, by being in the moment – even if it’s a short moment – it’s a quality one that your child may remember for years to come.

It reminds me of a blog post I saw on ‘Letters from the Nest’ a couple weeks ago.  A mother had a rough day, at the end of it apologized to her child, “I am so sorry today was so rough.”

The child went on to say, “I didn’t think it was rough. I thought it was fun!”

Mom replied, “Really? Which part was fun?”

The child said, “The part where we played on the couch like we were on a boat. Where we ‘fished’ with your belt as a fishing line, and used the couch pillows for life boats”.

Even in a day that may have seemed so hard to the mom, the child remembered a couple of those quality moments.

What do you do to create quality moments with your children?

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  1. Ashley Hall says:

    I try to remember the saying “The days may be long, but the years are short.” With Olivia already having moments of acting like a sterotypical teenager (turn down your music!) as well as moments of acting like an adult (did she really just cut up fruit to snack on with her brother AND wash the apple slicer?!) it’s easy to appreciate every moment with my kids – even the hectic ones!

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