Anchor Mom: How NOT to Spoil your Child

I recently went to the doctor’s office with my toddler in tow.  I told my son, “Please sit down in the chair while I get my check-up.”  He looked at me and said, “What do I get?”  Ummm – what do you get?  How does nothing sound?  You get nothing!

I was in shock when I heard him say that and maybe started realizing I may be raising a boy who is a tad spoiled.  I’m certain this came from our recent reward system.  We’ve been letting him “earn” things by cleaning up his toys or helping.

Don’t worry – since this experience we’ve been rethinking exactly what he can earn rewards for.  He can earn rewards for doing something extra, but being part of our family and behaving well – no rewards there buddy!

This morning’s ‘Good Morning, America’ segment couldn’t have come at a better time.  It’s all about the top mistakes parents make with their kids.  Check it out here.

The so-called ‘toddler whisperer,’ Tovah Klein offers these tips:

– Don’t shut down emotions to end a temper tantrum

– Let them be bored to daydream and come up with ideas

-Don’t over control them

-Remember nobody’s perfect

What do you do when your child starts heading in the direction of being a little more spoiled than you’d like?



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  1. Ashley Hall says:

    When Jack starts acting “spoiled”, it’s typically because I’m treating him like a baby. Especially with a second child, it’s so easy to look at them as a baby. But so far, if I adjust my expectations to be more mature and talk to him like a person instead of a baby, I am always impressed. Example: after getting out of bed multiple times in one night, each time with a “mommy needs you to go to bed, sweetie”, the following night at bed time having a real conversation shuts down the bad behavior (at least for a few nights). “Jackson, you are expected to stay in your bed until morning. Do not get up. If you wake up, close your eyes and go back to sleep. If you get out of bed, there will be consequences. Do you understand?” Presto-change-o. He is getting the information he needs to decide to be well behaved. I get a good nights sleep. But boy do I love to treat my “baby” like a baby!

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