Anchor Mom: Health vs. Hunger

The kids next to our grapes and raspberries

The kids next to our grapes and raspberries

My garden is growing – full of cucumbers, peas, beans, eggplant, strawberries, grapes, tomatoes, and broccoli.  My kids love the fresh fruit and veggies, I love feeding them things I feel good about.

But let’s be honest.  Between two parents working full-time, kindersoccer practices and games, swim team practices for my daughter, swim lessons for my son, ukelele lessons, and playdates, there are some days where it’s after 6pm, the kids (and parents) are starving and cranky, and pulling into a drive-through is the safest option for getting people fed without pushing bedtime past 8pm.

Eating a homemade picnic between Jackson's swimming class and Olivia's soccer game

Eating a homemade picnic between Jackson’s swimming class and Olivia’s soccer game

I try to plan ahead.  What kid doesn’t love eating a picnic? I try to manage our schedule. We don’t do ballet, karate or gymnastics, out of fear of over-programming.

Getting a variety of healthy foods with an occasional McNugget works for my family.  If anything, I think it teaches my kids moderation.  Best of all, they get much more excited for digging in the dirt with mom than eating something that comes next to a flimsy piece of plastic (that mom is sure to end up slipping into the trash within a matter of days.)

Being a parent is tough enough without worrying about judgemental comments, looks, or thoughts from others.  I hope we can all learn to get over the fears of being judged as a mom and start worrying about things that matter to us individually. If I’m focused on my own children and our family’s standards, I’ll be too busy to notice judgements (or judge others decisions)  Basically, I think we all need to let ourselves off the hook of trying to meet others expectations.  Being the kind of mom that is perceived as “perfect” is far less satisfying than being the type of mom that is helping her kids grow into well-rounded people.

Do you feel judged by the items you chose to feed your family? How do you handle it? I’d love to hear your lessons in juggling judgements.



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  1. Danielle Craig says:

    Sometimes I think we’re the ones judging ourselves the most! When I would first grab chicken nuggets on the road – I would judge MYSELF. We’ve set impossible standards – which means they’re impossible to meet!

    1. Ashley Hall says:

      You are so right, Danielle! If we eat fast food once a week, the self-loathing lasts for days!

  2. Debbie Chastain says:

    I so agree with you! It sounds like you are making the perfect choices with moderation. Our young people need to learn what the whole picture is about so they can know how to make decisions as adults. In my opinion, no one person is perfect nor know all the answers so ignore those who pass the judgement and keep up the great job as parenting. Your two children are very lucky to have you as parents and don’t ever forget that!

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