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The fact that you’re here means you may have seen my big announcement story this morning!  If you missed it, click on the video above.

I did this story for two reasons. The primary reason, of course, to announce my pregnancy. The other is to figure out how to prepare my toddler for brotherhood! It looks like he’s mastered it, right? Well, this story was in the making for a long time! In fact, more than preparing him to be a big brother, I started preparing him for TV. You know toddlers. They are oh-so-predictable – right?

About a week before our shoot, we started practicing some of the things J would learn in the class. First, holding a baby. We practiced with his Daisy Duck doll. While looking adorable holding the ‘baby’ and melting my heart, it all halted when he said, “Pull this baby’s head off?” Forget the story. Do I need to worry about Baby #2’s safety?!

We kept practicing.

The next day, things seemed to be better. J wrapped up the baby, rocked it, even sang ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.’ But (and there is a but) he then threw the ‘baby’ in his dump truck and took it on a wild ride around the house. Still worried about Baby #2’s safety, but at least the ‘baby’s’ head was intact!

By the end of the week, J and I were cleaning and he said, “I can’t wait to meet my little “brober” (brother) or little sister.” At that point I stopped cleaning and gave him a huge hug, trying to hold back tears. He was ready for Asante’s Big Brother/Big Sister class.

The class went better than I expected with J asking questions, “Put a hat on my baby?,” “Go on a walk with my baby?” and of course the moment you saw in the story, “He’s cold. We’re trying to make him warm.”

He’s ready for Baby #2.

What did you do to prepare an only child to be an older sibling?  Comment below!


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  1. Ashley Hall says:

    I am so excited for you! We had great success introducing our second born thanks, in part, to this very class!

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