Anchor Mom: “Fun Mom”

I am anything but a fun mom. I can be a mom with scheduled fun – you know, the Children’s festival this weekend, planned cookie making, a Pinterest-inspired craft. The spontaneous fun is harder for me to get it on. The day seems to be filled with errands, nap time and appointments.

That is, until I watched this segment from KSL.

After being inspired by the segment, I’ve been working on a mindset change.  So while running errands yesterday, we were on what felt like trip 1,000 between stores – when I noticed a train rolling by. My son LOVES trains. So like a real wild child (ha!) I turned off our errand-running route to stop and watch the train roll by. It took all of ten minutes, my son got to see a Thomas-lookalike and we still got our errands done. Oh yeah – fun, spontaneous mom here.

The ‘How to be a Fun Mom’ segment offers these tips:

– Spend time with your kids, put the to-do list or cell phone down

– Let your guard down, be silly with your kids

– Use your strengths, let go of what your neighbors are doing.  Focus on what your strengths are, whether that be cooking, sewing, skateboarding – it doesn’t have to be what your neighbor’s good at

– Be Spontaneous, say ‘yes’ 90% of the time.  Every once in awhile agree to read an extra book before bedtime, let them keep their pajamas on for the day, have an extra scoop of ice cream, etc.

– Follow Along, take the cue from your kids.  If they’re playing house, play house.  If they’re playing tag, play tag.

– Turn on the Tunes, if you’re not feeling fun just add music!

– Don’t multitask, if you’re trying to be fun while cooking dinner your children become a burden to the chicken.