Anchor Mom: Class Treats (Allergen Free)

With school around the corner and more kids with allergies in classrooms – I thought I’d make an allergy-free idea list for class treats!  But even with this list, as a precaution, always check labels and ask parents!

I was inspired by this Facebook post I saw last week, “I need to make a treat for my son’s preschool class tomorrow for his birthday. I got the list of allergies from his teacher today and they are – all nuts, milk, wheat, meat, gluten.”

So I put together a list with fellow allergy parents.  We focused on the top eight allergens – peanuts, tree nuts, milk, egg, wheat, soy, fish and shellfish.  Of course, this is not a list including all allergies – in fact, many of these products DO have corn syrup and citrus.  So as a precaution always check labels and don’t be afraid to ask parents.



-Fruit kabobs

-Jello gelatin

-Kettle brand chips (no cheddar flavors)

Again, check all labels – these snacks DO include allergens like citrus and corn syrup, along with artificial colors.

Members of the Oregon Food Allergy Network say their real goal is to eliminate snacks in the classroom. For birthdays that means you could skip the treats and go with something like bubbles, stickers, fancy pencils or something else from the dollar store! Unfortunately you still have to be careful with things like play-doh that are made with common allergens.

As for that original Facebook post inspiring this whole post – the poster ended up accidentally bringing in something with one of the allergens. If you get a list with several allergies – maybe go with that dollar store prize!

Do you have any ideas for snacks/prizes for celebrations in the classroom?  What works for you and your child?

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  1. Ashley Hall says:

    Truthfully, I’m also opposed to trinkets and Dollar store prizes. That is the last thing we need in our house. Olivia’s school sings the birthday song, lets the child wear a special hat, gives them a balloon and calls it good. Birthdays and other celebrations don’t require a “goody” to be special.

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