Anchor Mom: Boy or Girl?

There’s nothing like a guessing game where you have 50% chance of being right (and 50% of being wrong).
Our big gender reveal is tomorrow, but before the big day
I am taking guesses!

Here’s how the gender myths line up:1512369_706503449391550_5501622853225899247_n

Myth #1: Heart Rate – if the baby’s heart rate is above 140 bpm, it’s said to be a girl. My outcome: GIRL
Myth #2: How you’re carrying – if you’re carrying the baby high, it’s said to be a girl. If your carrying low, it’s a boy. My outcome: GIRL
Myth #3: Cravings – Salty for a boy, sweet for a girl. My outcome: BOY
Myth #4: Chinese Birth Chart – it claims to be the most accurate predictor with 90% accuracy. My outcome: GIRL
Myth #5: Morning Sickness – If it’s been rough, it’s a girl. If you’ve had it easy, a boy. My outcome: GIRL
Myth #6: Headaches – if you have more headaches, it’s a boy. My outcome: BOY

The myths put me having a girl! It’s 4-2 for a girl!

However, my son is insisting he’s having a little brother. Could he have toddler intuition?

On top of that, my husband comes from a long line of men. ┬áMy family is also jam-packed with men, including three brothers and six uncles on just my mom’s side.

Have a little fun with me – and take a guess!
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  1. Connor Giampietri says:

    Boy, Connor is a great name!

    1. Danielle Craig says:

      Connor Craig has a nice ring to it.

  2. J Wilson says:

    Boy… and you totally have to name him Bruce.

    1. Danielle Craig says:

      As superheroes go, we’re thinking Clark Craig… almost Clark Kent.

  3. Michele Higgins says:

    Hmmmmm….I carried my children differently; one boy; one girl. Are you carrying this baby differently? Great picture!!

    1. Danielle Craig says:

      Michele – this pregnancy and my last have been night and day. I am carrying this baby high, and carried my first low. Could it be a hint?

  4. Ron Brown says:

    you have two choices. if it has a blue diaper its a boy. a pink diaper is a girl.

    1. Danielle Craig says:

      Does the stork make that decision?

  5. Susan Hayes says:

    A beautiful healthy baby is all anyone can ask for…that being said…I had a boy and girl and they are both the biggest joys of my life! One of each is amazing, so I’d vote for a Girl this time. Of course 2 of each makes things much easier :)

    1. Danielle Craig says:

      You are definitely right! I will be more than happy with either a boy or a girl!

  6. Alyssa Caroprese says:

    I’m going with the toddler intuition & “co-anchor intuition” — it’s gonna be a boy!

    1. Danielle Craig says:

      Co-anchor intuition?! Maybe that’s the key!

  7. Angela Gridley says:

    Girl!!! The perfect little family make up :)

  8. Shannon Reich says:

    It’s a girl :), J will love a little sister too!!

  9. Hannah Everman says:

    You already have one boy… I say it’s gonna be a girl!

  10. Jen Jones says:

    You are having a boy. I’m 100% sure! And his best friend is going to be about 3 months older ; )

  11. Ellie says:

    First thought was boy, but after reading some of your comments about how the pregnancy is going (night and day) I am going to guess girl. Either way such a blessing! Congratulations!

  12. Christy says:

    I’m guessing a BOY :)

  13. Sara Marier says:

    I think you need a girl, that way you aren’t out numbered 3-1 in your household. Plus with how much J looks like you a little girl would be your “mini me”.

  14. Ashley Hall says:

    I’ll go girl! I have yet to find someone who’s Chinese gender predictor result was wrong!

  15. Amanda says:

    I’m thinking girl! But my Chinese Predictor said boy and well, we definitely did NOT get a boy. :)

  16. Kathy Wing says:

    As much as I would love to jump on the pink bandwagon, I’m kind of feeling more like it’s a boy. Mostly, though, just hoping for a safe delivery and a healthy baby with all those precious fingers and toes!

  17. Kasey Kershner says:

    I think it’ll be a girl! I have no reasoning or intuition… Other than the fact that little baby dresses and bows are basically my favorite thing! Come on, Danielle… Give us a girl!! And can’t wait to find out tomorrow!

  18. Melissa says:

    Girl… And they are fun fun fun!

  19. Sarah says:

    Hoping you have a GIRL!!!!

  20. Adrienne Murray says:

    Can I just say both and then be right one way or another?? ;-) just kidding. Sooo hrs starting to be “girl season” again, and I am like yeah, girl! But I kinda also think boy in the back of my mind. Sooo yeah…. Boy, but I want you to have a girl. ;-)

  21. Whitney says:

    Girl.:) Sarina Craig

  22. Brittany says:

    Signs point to girl,,,I say girl!

  23. Amanda Bray says:

    My mom and I both think it’s a girl :)

  24. Rod&LaDawn Judd says:

    I guess boy!!! A girl version of the little J man would be fun to see though! ;o)

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