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Our only family picture in the past 2 years. Maybe I should hire a photographer

Our only family picture in the past 2 years. Maybe I should hire a photographer

Snuggling with my "baby."

Snuggling with my “baby.”











For 10 years, I have had the privilege of sitting at the anchor desk at NewsWatch 12.  While my anchoring responsibilities have stayed about the same, that’s about the only part of my life I can say that about! I have gotten married, built a house and had two babies.  I think of my first days on the desk and realize how much simpler things were.  The extent of my worries as a new anchor in Medford was learning to pronounce “Willamette” correctly.

But as my role evolved to include being a mother, wife, and homemaker, those worries grew to include things I never imagined. Is there spit-up on my blazer? In my hair? (and I won’t get into the worries of being a nursing mother who was tethered to the anchor desk in front of a camera for 2+ hours at a time).

My kids are now 6 and 2.  Olivia is ending her kindergarten year.  Jackson is still a full year away from preschool.  And while I learn how to be a better mother (and a better anchor) every day, I feel like I’m finally starting to settle into this dual role.

I know I’m not the only one balancing a full-time job with a lot of responsibilities (journalist) with a full time job with a lot of responsibilities (mom).  I am confident in that fact because I lean on a lot of other parents who are doing the exact same thing.  I love to learn from others’ ideas and discoveries while sharing my own experiences. It’s cliché to say (but true): It takes a village.

Whether you’re an Anchor Mom or a stay-at-home dad, we all have to balance all the many things we need to accomplish each day. I’m hoping Danielle and I can help in that effort by giving you a place to get news that specifically impacts parents and lets us all share common goals, frustrations and successes.


We have so much fun on the Oregon coast!

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  1. Danielle Craig says:

    It really does take a village! It also seems like everyday is a new learning experience – these kids are throwing curve balls all the time!

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