Analysts Help in Fire Attack Plan

Joint Information TeamGRANTS PASS, Ore. — Fire specialists from across the country are coming together to plan the best attack on the multiple fires across the South West part of Oregon.

The team is made up of analysts who are predicting the smoke movement, weather pattern and wind direction. The members are also looking at Josephine County’s unique terrain to safely place firefighters in specific areas.

“This is going to be a big deal. This has already stretched beyond our local capacity between Oregon Department of Forestry, Forest Service, BLM…so we’re having to bring people in,” said BLM spokesman Jim Whittington.

There is also a joint information team at the U.S. Department of Forestry interagency office in Grants Pass. They are helping to coordinate and give information about all of the fires across South West Oregon.


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  1. tim says:

    Here’s a good idea, Protect the houses and the livestock yes but if it’s out in open ground LET IT BURN. It’s the best way to clean out the forest of all the fuel that has stacked up over the year’s. I understand the human need to put out a forest fire, But if you stand back and look, You are only making the problem worse. I mean it’s real simple if you stop and think about it, fire need’s fuel, Remove the fuel like forest fires do and you wont have such a crazey out of control forest fire like we have now. And now we have to spend millions, and millions of tax payers dollars to put them out. One air tanker and they have three cost $22,000 a run, And how many times you see them flying back and forth a day? that’s nuts. How about the danger involved? How many firefighters have been lost as of late? and I ask WHY? You can’t tell me burning bushes and trees are worth a person’s life.I have lived here all my life and have seen how bad and overgrowen our forest have become.And again I ask WHY

  2. mark says:

    I too, have lived here all my 60+ yrs. When the tree huggers threw responsible forest management (thinning), out with the bath water, that set the stage for what we have now. Counties that depended on timber revenues are going bankrupt, all the while we watch a renewable resource go up in smoke.
    Stupid, self-serving politicians, pandering to the rabid left, will lead to a lower standard of living for all of us.

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