Lubbers Testifies In Murder Case

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YREKA, Calif. — A Medford woman tells a crowded courtroom how she helped cover up a murder.

On Thursday, the Siskiyou County Court had Amber Lubbers and Patricia MacCallum on the schedule for a preliminary hearing in the murder of Patricia’s husband Christopher MacCallum. Instead, Lubbers agreed to take a lesser charge in exchange for her testimony against her co-defendant.

“It’s accessory after the fact, to murder for assisting to covering up the crime after it’s taken place,” said District Attorney Kirk Andrus. “So, she plead guilty to that and in California the maximum penalty to that is three years in prison. She went from being a defendant to being a witness.”

After becoming a witness, Amber told the court the three went camping; Christopher MacCallum, his wife Patricia MacCallum and Patricia’s relative Amber Lubbers. Patricia had created a fake alcohol liquid for herself and amber to drink and gave Christopher real rum.

While camping, the three drank throughout the late afternoon and into the evening. Christopher fell asleep in his sleeping bag inside the tent. Inside that same tent, the two women texted back and forth, brainstorming ways to kill him, so they didn’t have to speak and wake him up.

Eventually, the two went to the car; Patricia got her gun and went to the tent to fire seven shots at him while he was asleep. She came back, Amber gave her more ammo, and Patricia shot him another eight times. Then, wearing gloves, the two wrapped the tent around MacCallum’s body and tied a rope around it. After that, the two kicked the body off of an embankment.

Patricia threw the gun and the clips into a waterfall on the Applegate River. Amber picked up the shells from the campsite and the two got in the car headed back to Medford. On the way back, Patricia told Amber she felt liberated, and said, “We’ll be okay”, and that the two wouldn’t get caught. They pulled over once to check and make sure there was no blood on the car, and then they went to Patricia’s house, only to forget they didn’t secure their alibi plan.

They then went to a local Jack In The Box and saved the receipt for the alibi. Amber says they rehearsed the story in the car, but not enough to keep them from getting caught. District attorney officials say at least five other witnesses still need to take the stand for questioning. That process would likely finish on Friday.