Amber Alert Awareness Day

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Monday marks the eighth Amber Alert Awareness Day across the country.  In Oregon, the program has been going on for eleven years, and in that time has helped recover 24 abducted children.

Oregon State Police is responsible for the Amber Alert System in Oregon. OSP said there is a check list it has to go through before determining whether to issue the Amber Alert.

To begin, the child’s abduction must be confirmed.  From there, the child must be 17 years of age or younger, law enforcement must believe the child is in danger, and there must be an adequate description available of the child.

America’s Missing Broadcast Emergency Response alert network, also known as the Amber Alert, first began back in 1996 after a young girl was abducted in Texas.

Since then all 50 states have enacted an Amber Alert System.  Over the years, it has helped safely recover almost 700 children across America.

In Oregon, the system was activated 4 times in the past year, half of which were out of state requests.

When police file for an amber alert, they send information to the amber alert website, as well as local media, and the department of transportation.

A person can also receive amber alert notifications through their cell phone.  The amber alert option is under the settings option on most cell phones.