Amateur Athlete: Stephanie Croy

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JACKSONVILLE, Ore. – There isn’t much Stephanie Croy can’t do. She’s always been a great student, active in the community and a stellar athlete. Right now Stephanie plays three sports at Cascade Christian, but she would have played more.

“I was always a soccer girl,” Stephanie says. “I started soccer in first grade and played all the way through.”

“We told her freshman year she could play both,” her mother Mary says. “She played varsity soccer and ran cross country, which was a lot. We told her one year of that and then she had to decide.”

She chose cross country.

“My mom ran when she was younger,” Stephanie says, “and so it sounded good to me.”

That wasn’t the basis for her decision.

“I didn’t want to push that on her,” Mary says. “I wanted it to be her decision. Steph’s always just been able to do what she wants. When she sets her mind to it, she does it.”

And that is essential in cross country as she’s sometimes out there all alone.

“I keep pushing so no one will catch me,” Stephanie says. “That’s the biggest thing: to keep pushing as if I were running against all the guys on the team.”

Whether on the course or the court, Stephanie’s competitiveness is her motivation.

“It’s just kind of who she is,” Mary says. “She’s competitive.”

“You normally know who you’re running against,” Stephanie says, “and if you’ve lost to them before, you want to beat them.”

She wants to beat them, but she also shows a different side. Mary says that Stephanie will oftentimes encourager her competitors while running alongside them.

“Stephanie is hands down the nurturer,” she says. “She just loves people.”

“Everybody wants to be like Stephanie because she’s just a great young lady,” Cascade Christian head coach Steve Williston says.

Somehow she manages to display her competitiveness while also showing off her nurturing side. There’s just nothing she can’t do.