Amateur Athlete of the Week: Josh Banuelos

By Chris Breece

Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday the BMX track at Bear Creek is packed with riders as young as two years old. 14-year old Josh Banuelos built it and had a vision.

“It’s a great track for the little guys and good for the older riders. So I think its good for every rider,” Banuelos said.

“I was scared to go on this new track because it looked like it was really hard but once I got on it I was fine,” Jaden Welch said.

Dozens of kids in the Rogue Valley have gravitated to the sport and Banuelos is the one they all look up to.

“He’s a good mentor. He’s fun to be around and he’s good to train with too,” Alex Steeves said.

“I knew it was a big deal for me when I was a little kid I had a lot of role models and it really pushed me as a rider and made me want to be better and I wanted to give back to these kids,” Banuelos said.

And Banuelos’s skills are legit. He just got back from the London World Games, and last month he was invited to the Olympic Training Center in Chulla Vista, California

“I’m going to stay amateur until I’m 18 and in 2016 I’ll go elite, but my goal is to keep going to the Olympic Training Center and train with the top athletes and hoepfully we can get that gold medal in 2016,” Banuelos said.