Amateur Athlete: Byron Higinbotham

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Byron Higinbotham is not an actual ninja based on traditional standards, but he sure looks like one on the Higs Gym obstacle course in Central Point.

“I was really interested in how the Navy SEALS do their physical fitness and watched several videos and thought, man, that looks so fun,” Higinbotham said. “I think I can build something like that.”

That’s exactly what he did. Higinbotham built the sprint obstacle course on his own property right next to his house.

“It went through several different phases and built different things,” Higinbotham said. “I’ve tried to build an environment where it’s littered with tons of different obstacles of different sizes, different shapes.”

The course offers a fitness regimen to people of all different sizes and ages. Higinbotham said kids are actually the perfect candidates for the course.

“Kids innately do this stuff, you know, in their living room, at home,” Higinbotham said. “They’re building forts, and they’re jumping off stuff and climbing stuff. Unfortunately as we get older, we lose that playful side, and fitness, getting in shape should be fun.”

Besides the fun and the exercise, there’s an added benefit to obstacle course training.

“It forces you to think on the fly, to make quick decisions as you’re running through your environment, and so it’s training  your body physically but it’s also training your mind to stay sharp and to stay engaged with what you’re doing,” Higinbotham said.


If you want more information on the Southern Oregon Ninja Challenge or Higs Gym, go to:  http://www.higsgym.com/