Amateur Athlete: Amy Robinson

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — For the past five years, the Robinsons have controlled the pitching mound at Grants Pass. Until he graduated two years ago, Josh Robinson excelled for the Cavemen’s baseball team. Now his sister Amy is dominating in the softball circle.

“I’ve always wanted to be a top pitcher and he was,” said Amy. “I just really looked up to him as a role model.”

“We got the Robinson name, and I was a pitcher, and she’s a pitcher,” said Josh. “When I was a varsity pitcher, she’d look up to me. Now I’m out of high school, and she’s the top dog on the mound.”

Amy sports an ERA of just over 1.00 and averages nearly a strikeout and a half per inning.

“Amy’s a very competitive kid,” said head coach Donnie Bellum. “She loves to pitch. She loves to be in the circle. She loves to have the spotlight on her. She’s done a very good job for us.”

She’s also done a very good job for the Robinson name.

“It’s like the legacy lives on, you know? When I was done, I knew she was going to step up and be the next one, but she’s going above the levels I went,” said Josh.

Amy says her success wouldn’t be possible without Josh’s guidance.

“He always gave me pep talks over softball before every game. He still does,” said Amy. “He comes to my games, and I do bad, he always supports me and tells me what he used to do.”

“I give her a lot of advice with the mental game as much as I can,” said Josh. “She does a really good job at it. Every time I talk to her, it seems like she really takes everything in, and that makes me feel good because it does feel like I help a little bit.”

One thing Josh can’t help his younger sister with is the physical side of pitching.

“The underarm throw is a lot different,” said Josh.

“It’s different than baseball because with softball, for whatever reason, it’s not as much stress on your arm,” said Bellum.

That allows Amy to eat up the innings for the Lady Cavers. Of the 169 innings Grants Pass has played this season, Amy has been on the mound for just under 164 of them.

“The awesome thing about it is even when they want to take the ball from her, she gets pissed off about it,” said Josh. “She does not want to give them the ball.”

“I’ve always pitched a lot and I’m kind of used to it, and I enjoy it,” said Amy. “Most pitchers, I think some of them get burnt out of it and get kind of bored of it, but I have so much fun doing it. I’d rather be pitching than doing anything else.”

That attitude runs in the Robinson family.

“I think Amy grew up watching him play and pitch, and like  I said, I think she just wants to have control,” Bellum.

“She’s just owning the circle. I couldn’t be more proud of her. As an older brother, I tried my best in high school, and now I’m actually looking up to her.”