AM Fog, Breaking this Afternoon

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A large ridge of high pressure is now building into the West. This will be the dominant weather feature through the extended forecast. A stretch of very dry weather will likely be with us through the weekend, bringing sunny and mild temperatures to the higher elevations & dense fog to West Side Valleys.

In scenarios like this, it’s very challenging forecasting afternoon temperatures ..being that low lying clouds & fog dictate how much diurnal warming will take place through the afternoons. The more clouds/fog, the cooler temperatures are, and the less clouds/fog, the warmer temperatures are.

Because of the recent spell of fog over the Valley just a few weeks ago, it’s likely fog will become similarly dense, and longer lasting through the course of the week. Today is our best bet for afternoon clearing, but into this evening another round of dense fog will move in. For Christmas Day, fog and low lying clouds are expected to stick around through a majority of the day.

Above the fog, a sunny & mild week is expected. The end of December tends to be the wettest time of the year for this region & this week is turning out to be exactly the opposite. This is good news for travelers, but bad news for skiers and snowboarders because it doesn’t look like any active weather is heading our way in the near future.


Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese