AM Clouds/Fog, PM Sun

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High pressure is still in firm control of our weather and this is not going to change in the foreseeable future. That means dry conditions will be ongoing and the drought, more and more of a problem. If things don’t turn around soon this winter, this next fire season may lead to big problems across the area.

The only chance for wet weather in the forecast is Saturday, and this is just for the Coast. With each computer model run though, this front weakens even more so. Only isolated showers and/or drizzle is in the forecast Saturday for Curry & Coos Counties.

The cloud deck and recent fog has been dramatically impacting afternoon high temperatures. Yesterday, the Basin and Siskiyou County did not even climb out of the 30’s. The West Side started warmer yesterday morning, allowing for afternoon highs to climb into the 40’s but the clouds was persistent through early afternoon. The fog was not much of a problem in the valleys on Tuesday either, but is very present in Medford this morning.

For these reasons, I have kept high temperatures in the 30’s across the Valley, Basin & Siskiyou County today. The higher elevations of these areas will see warmer temperatures because they are above the fog. If clearing occurs earlier than yesterday though, highs will be warmer than the 30’s. Once the clouds and fog break, skies will become mostly sunny.


Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese