Alzheimer’s Awareness for “Longest Day”

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Medford, Ore. — The longest day of the year is coming up and as it does, the Alzheimer’s Association wants you to consider what any given day of the year is like for someone with the disease.

Alzheimer’s Association’s Southern Oregon Regional Program Coordinator, Lori Stanton said, “We really ask people to think about those who are going through the disease process of Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers.”

It’s created a program where people can join up in teams for the longest day and do something for 16 hours on Saturday.  It can be anything that you love to do – from running, to sewing or playing cards.

Stanton said, “The 16 hours represents a caregivers day, that’s how long a caregiver has to care give throughout the day.”

To get involved, head here and register your activity.