Alysa Bobbit’s Grandma Speaks Out

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Alysa Bobbit’s family found out about¬†“Operation Rap It Up” on Wednesday.

Alysa Bobbit was killed in a bizarre accident last year, which sparked the Rap It Up investigation.

Alysa’s grandmother, Tressa Turner, was shocked to find out about the new investigation, but was glad to hear that Alysa’s death led to something more.

“Then when we heard this today, I just starting crying immediately going ‘ok, it’s a positive¬†thing,'” said Turner.

Turner also said the family is hopeful that the man who accidentally shot Alysa, Jon Meyer, will have additional jail time added to his existing 6 year sentence.

See Turner’s exclusive interview with Newswatch 12 in the video above.