All Patrol Day for Oregon State Police

All Patrol Day for Oregon State PoliceMEDFORD, Ore. — Oregon State Police troopers are out in full force patrolling I-5 in an effort to keep travelers safe this holiday. This year, there are more officers out than usual all along the west coast.

This year, OSP is teaming up with the California Highway Patrol and the Washington State Patrol for the first time ever to make it a safer holiday from boarder to boarder. It’s called “The I-5 Challenge” and the goal is to have zero fatalities.

All uniformed police officers will be out enforcing traffic. They will be looking for anyone who is speeding or causing a hazard on the roadway. They will also be cracking down on people who are texting or talking on the phone while driving.

“Officer presence obviously creates an environment for the motoring public that when they see a uniformed police officer on the road they are going to be more aware of their driving conditions,” said Oregon State Police Sgt. Dave Beck.

These increased patrols are not going to cost anything additional to taxpayers or the department. All patrol days, like Wednesday through Sunday, simply mean anyone who is on-duty, even detectives and game and wildlife officers, will be out in their uniforms patrolling the roadways.

Officers say if you are planning on traveling this holiday, just remember to keep a safe following distance and avoid distractions.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Good!!! But instead of them getting to pull over happy they need to rememeber who they should be pulling over and who not too.. pull over the ones looking at cell phones and talking on them, and too busy shaving in the car and doing makeup( yes i see it alot at stop lights and even them driving and doing it) or even eating and driving,
    Its so sad to see that if someone was shaving and cut themselves and then caused and accident, wake up earlier if you need to shave dont do it driving duh people.

    What gets me is the mrons who get behind people and they want to speed so bad that they turn there brights on on the car in front of them,, its not ok, and yet these peopke get away with it, they are going to kill someone someday and its not going to be funny anymore to them… instead of the police stopping the ones not doing anything wrong, how about working harder to stop the ones commiting crimes and breaking the laws of the road,

    Because for ever 1 innocent person you “bust” or “stop” 5 more are getting by you that are doing things wrong.. start paying more attention to your drivers instead of jumping on the first car you see on the road..

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