Algae Warning for Lost Creek Lake

Corps Stays With Algae TestJACKSON COUNTY, Ore. — A health advisory is issued for Lost Creek Lake due to high algae levels found in the water. Lost Creek Lake is about 30 miles northeast of Medford on the Rogue River in Jackson County.

Water monitoring has confirmed the presence of blue-green algae that can produce toxins. These algae levels are likely to be associated with dangerous cyanotoxin concentrations in the water that can be harmful to humans and animals.

A press advisory states that swallowing or inhaling water droplets, as well as contact with the water, should be avoided. Drinking water directly from Lost Creek Lake is especially dangerous.

Oregon Public Health officials advise campers and other recreational visitors that toxins cannot be removed by boiling, filtering or treating the water with camping style filters.

With proper precautions to avoid water contact, people are encouraged to visit Lost Creek Lake and enjoy their activities. Boating is safe as long as speeds do not create excessive water spray, which  could lead to inhalation risk.