Alex’s Joins List of Closed Restaurants

AlexsASHLAND, Ore. —   Business owners on the Ashland Plaza hope something will quickly move into to replace Alex’s Restaurant after its sudden closure this week.

The restaurant closed this weekend after the landlord put a lein on the property.

It’s not the only restaurant that has been empty on the plaza in the past few years.

Chateaulin has been closed since 2012. There have been plans to have a new restaurant to move in, but as of now its windows are still covered. A sign on the outside said the owners applied for a liquor license last fall.

The Hong Kong bar on the third floor of the plaza has also been closed since a fire torched part of the building in 2012. The owners are now selling the space.

Nearby businesses said it’s been tough to see closures like this in their area.

“Being in a fraternity of restaurants it’s sad to see one of your fellow businesses go, it’s a hole in our heart to see them go,” said Marty Morlan, owner of Martino’s. “Especially Alex’s, who’s been here for so many years.”

The Ashland Chamber of Commerce said it doesn’t want to comment specifically on Alex’s closing, but said overall, Ashland businesses saw a strong end to 2013. They said holiday sales were up, and the city saw better overall sales numbers than in 2012.

Some neighboring businesses to Alex’s said they did not want to comment on the restaurant closing. They only said they have a good relationship with their landlords and Alex’s owners.


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  1. Butch says:

    Chateaulin was predictable, too expensive, portions too small, and the “trickledown” costs, From building owner, “name” owner, etc. Too bad it was doing well. Alex’s? No idea what happened. But, I do know folks have less to spend on frivolity.

  2. Deb Cook says:

    Alex’s problem was poor management, hopefully the venue will reopen soon with better owners.

  3. Ryan Navickas says:

    Ashland businesses are stretched to the limit by exorbitant rents. What a loss for Ashland that Alex’s is shut! Charles, Quinn and the Workers at Alex’s have always created a lovely place to eat and enjoy.

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