Alexi Smith & Melissa Sweat: AAotW

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Four years ago the dynamic duo of Alexi Smith and Melissa Sweat played together at Stockdale High in Bakersfield, California. Fast forward to the present where Smith and Sweat are back in the same jersey at Southern Oregon University.

“Even though it’s been a few years, I still feel like we still have that chemistry,” said Smith. “It’s kind of weird, but it works out for the best.”

After spending a year in the Raiders’ program, Smith convinced Sweat, who was playing at San Diego State, to consider SOU.

“I got an opportunity to talk to Sweat while I was playing here, and I was just telling her how much I like it,” said Smith. “If she didn’t like it at the level she was at, if she wanted a new change, then she could come here if she would like.”

Raiders head coach Lynn Kennedy agreed, and 11 games into their first year of college together, the results speak for themselves. Smith and Sweat are the team leaders in points per game at over 30 combined.

“You can talk about their play and their skills and all that, but really their leadership qualities,” said Kennedy. “They’re two players that you don’t have very often where they can just compete at a high level at any time. They can just switch it over and compete at a high level.”

It’s cool because in high school it was the same way,” said Sweat. “We were both big parts of our team. So it’s cool to do the same thing here.”