Alex Frol: Amateur Athlete of the Week

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ASHLAND, Ore. – Take note of Alexandra Frol. She plays the tenor, soprano, as well as the alto sax. She’s traveled the world and is a competitive skier. For a junior in high school, Alex balances a full load. In finding that balance, Alex took a road less traveled.

“There have been challenges because the body keeps changing and surprising us,” said Bonnie Frol, Alex’s mother. “She has surgeries on average once every 12-18 months.”

No surgery more important than the one she had when she was one year old,  the amputation of her right leg. The challenges that come along with having only one leg are numerous, but they didn’t deter Alex from skiing. In fact, she initially tried snowboarding.

“They’re like, ‘You kind of need two legs.’ So then I was like, ‘OK, I’ll try skiing.’ Then I tried and I was like, ‘This is pretty hard.’ But I like it because it was really fun,” said Alex.

It’s not just about fun.

“Alexandra is only one of seven women standing disabled competitive ski racers in the United States,” said Bonnie.

“It was kind of motivating for me,” said Alex. “I’m not the greatest one-legged skier, but I’m getting there.”

“There are going to be limitations, but we’re not going to worry about your limitations,” said Alex’s coach, Gary King. “We’re going to worry about your possibilites, what can you do. And that’s what it’s been. She’s just like one of the other kids.”

Alex trains every week with other high school skiers from around the area. Her parents always supported her under one condition.

“You have to be able to pick yourself up before you fall because you may fall at a time when no one is there to help you,” said Bonnie. “So you cannot get off that bunny hill until you know how to pick yourself up without any assistance.”