Alder Creek Fire Mop-Up Complete


SHADY COVE, Ore. — The mop-up process is complete on the Alder Creek Fire.  Fire crews worked this afternoon putting out hot spots but said they would be completely finished by the end of the day.

The Oregon Department of Forestry turned the burned land back over to its private owners on Saturday.

Hancock Timber Company owns most of the land and burned it out a couple of weeks ago, but on Thursday, the wind sparked a wildfire that would eventually burn nearly 130 acres.

On Sunday, all that was left were a few smoldering logs as fire crews wrapped up.

“Yesterday it was real smoky and real bad, but today it’s not bad at all… just a few spot fires here and there… nothing real big, said Plumley Contracting’s Ted Sauer.

Crews say even though the fire was relatively small, but it was unexpected for this time of year.