Airport Switching Police to Armed Guards

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The shooting at LAX is putting new focus on security changes coming to Medford’s airport. The airport announced it chose security guards with Rams Specialized Security Service, a Portland based company, to replace police officers.

For six years, the airport has used the Medford Police Department.  But  by making this switch, the airport is saving a little over 150 thousand dollars. The shooting at LAX has put travelers on edge but the airport director assures the community, the hired security guards will be licensed to carry fire-arms and will have gone through training.

“It’s not as extensive as police officers but police officers have to break down doors and fight crime all over, while this is limited jurisdiction. But they’re well trained for what we’re going to have them do,” explained airport director, Bern Case.

The officers currently working at the airport will not be laid off by the Medford Police Department.

The security changes with the armed guards  will start December 1st.