Airport Event Dazzles Visitors

9-8 jbo airport eventMERLIN, Ore. – The Josephine County Airport is trying to bring in visitors with a free air show.

About 1,000 visitors showed up for the weekend long Airport Days event.

The event featured remote controlled high-flying acrobatics.

Attendees were also able to check out and tour local passenger planes, as well as some unique vintage war-planes.

Airport officials say the goal is to raise awareness for the services the airport offers.

“We use this base for firefighting, it helps protect private property. Mercy flights comes in here and they can air-lift children up to Portland’s Children’s Hospital. There’s all kinds of great reasons to have a good, viable airport,” said airport manager Larry Graves.

Officials say this isn’t the first event of its kind, but it is the first time they’ve done it in four years.

They say they hope it becomes a yearly attraction.