Airplane Crash Under Investigation

crash 5(CNN) — Two people were killed when a plane crashed into one of San Francisco’s runways. The NTSB is investigating what happened. Nine different Bay Area hospitals are treating patients from the crash.

Flight 214 was coming in from Seoul, South Korea. Witnesses say the plane was coming in for a landing when it lost control. Smoke could be seen coming from the plane and its tail was completely ripped off. An airline spokesman in Seoul told CNN that 291 passengers and 16 staff members were aboard when it crashed around 11:30 a.m.

San Francisco Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White said around 4:10 p.m that two had died — adding later that they were found outside the plane. One of two killed is a Chinese passport holder, a South Korean official said at a news briefing. It is not yet known what nationality the other person was, said Lee Jung-Kwan, an official at the South Korean foreign ministry.

Hayes-White said earlier Saturday that more than 60 people were unaccounted for. But around 7:45 p.m. Saturday, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee said that everyone had been accounted for.

The NTSB is investigating the cause of the crash.