Air Quality Gets Passing Grade

MEDFORD, Ore. — A new report by the American Lung Association shows Jackson County residents can breathe a sigh of relief.

The report gives Jackson County a passing grade for air quality after failing the previous year. The report shows Jackson County cut both its year-round and short term particulate pollution.

Officials with the Department of Environmental Quality in Medford say air quality as a whole as improved greatly over the past twenty years through an effort of the state, county and cities. In a smaller scope, officials say Mother Nature has also played a role.

“We’ve had a couple of years like in 2008 or during the Biscuit Fire where we had some pretty substantial impacts from wildfire. We’ve been fortunate that we haven’t really had those impacts over the past few years,” said Byron Peterson, with Department of Environmental Quality.

The American Lung Association’s report goes on to state that Jackson County follows a nationwide trend of cleaner, healthier air.