Air Quality Concerns

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High pressure remains in control of the area which is starting to cause air quality to deteriorate, a trend that will continue through at least the end of the week. High pressure causes the atmosphere to decouple such that the winds are separated from the lower elevations which causes the pollutants to build up. An Air Stagnation Alert is in effect for the east side and Advisory for the west side until Thursday, which basically means air quality will continue to deteriorate through the week. Remember you can find air quality levels under the ‘Weather Links.’

The coldest nights on the east are behind us as temperatures will slower get warmer, the west side due to the fog will remain similar to what we’ve seen but after the fog clears we’ll see temperatures warm up quickly in the afternoon. Mostly sunny skies in the afternoon will be with us through the week and we’ll continue to stay dry through the weekend. Lakeview broke the unofficial all-time record low yesterday getting down to -26 degrees and Klamath Falls broke the daily record low yesterday getting down to -4 degrees, that beats the previous record set back in 2005 of -3 degrees.

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Meteorologist Megan Parry