Air Filters in High Demand Due to Smoke

SMOKE PIC TUESMEDFORD, Ore. — Some Southern Oregon stores are seeing a run on certain types of home air filters.

The carbon filters are in short supply in many stores right now, but some experts aren’t sure those are the best for our smoky conditions. Electronichome filters have 99.98% efficiency at but they have a $1,200 one-time price.

Other mechanical filters like the 1 inch poly filter, or the pleated filter have only have a maximum of 12% efficiency and the 5-inch media filter have a 40% efficiency. Best thing to do with any filter is to run the fan continuously in the air conditioning unit. The filter only works if air is passing through.

“In situations that we have now with all the smoke in the valley the better the filter you have the better chance you’ll have of keeping a livable condition inside your house,” said Mark Wastermann, with Southern Oregon Heating and Air.

Wastermann recommends to check filters once a month, or even as soon as three weeks for those with pets and kids, and change out whenever the filter is looking dirty.