AIFF Tickets Go on Sale

3-16 aiffASHLAND, Ore. – Tickets for the Ashland Independent Film Festival are now on sale to the general public. This is the first time non-members are able to reserve their spot at any of the festival’s 97 films this year.

Tickets have been on sale for members for nearly a week already, with about 11,000 already reserved online.

Festival organizers say their goal this year is to reach out to new faces, particularly tourists and younger generations.

“Our audience really engages in that back-and-forth dialogue,” said Anne Ashby, Executive Director of the festival. “I think the more we bring in new people, different people, all kinds of people, that just makes for an even richer dialogue in the theater.”

The festival will run April 3-7. Organizers say roughly 7,500 people came down for last year’s event, and they hope to get more this year.