AIFF Announces Line-Up

AIFFASHLAND, Ore. — The Ashland Independent Film Festival is one month away, and on Wednesday AIFF is revealing it’s full program.

This year AIFF will be honoring two very special guests.   The first, two-time Academy Award Winner Barbara Koppel.  The second is Southern Oregon native Ty Burrell, better known as Phil Dumphy from Modern Family.

Officials said this week is a big week for the film festival.   They have been planning the event and hand-selecting the film line-up since September.

“A lot of promoting… a lot of reaching out to the community and box office opens next week… so from here on out it’s full speed ahead,” said Laura Pfister, Ashland Independent Film Festival marketing coordinator.

More than 350 volunteers will be trained tomorrow night to help with the film festival. This year officials said they’re expecting roughly 7,500 people to visit the film festival over the five day period.  The box office opens next week. The festival will run from April 3 – 7.