AIFF and First Friday Brings Business

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ASHLAND, Ore.– Ashland’s Main Street is busier than normal thanks to the 13th annual Ashland Independent Film Festival. Since Varsity Theatre is where most of the films are held, it is also boosting business of several shops and restaurants around it.

AIFF administrators say that last year they had more than 7500 attendees of the festival and are expecting more this year. With the second day also being First Friday in Ashland, businesses saw a big wave of people coming to watch the films. AIFF also said that more than 85 percent of them visit the local shops and restaurants during breaks in the day. Businesses are glad to have the extra traffic, but say it can sometimes be overwhelming with the rush after each movie.

Hotels in the area said they also get an increase in guests who traveled from out of town. Those hotels also stated that they get guests from different places in the Rogue Valley as well  who do not want to commute to early and late showings.

The festival runs through Monday night and they will have some featured guest speakers like Modern Family’s Ty Burrell.