AHS Debate Team Weighs In On Candidates

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ASHLAND, Ore. – As people across the U.S. tuned in to get another look at the two men running for president, a group of students were watching with a different perspective.

Members of the Ashland High School debate team watched Tuesday’s debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, using what they’ve learned and applying it to the event. What they saw was less of a debate and more of a clash.

The students said the two candidates took turns taking swipes at one another, arguing and interrupting each other several times. The students said in an actual parliamentary debate, that kind of behavior would not be allowed. Some team members said they appreciated the fact that Obama and Romney addressed each others’ points, which kept the debate from devolving into a barrage of talking points.

Students also wanted to see more direct answers from the candidates. They said the two men often avoided questions and went off-topic. The students said their own debate experience has taught them that addressing the specific question, and identifying their position’s strengths and weaknesses, is key.

As they look forward to the final debate on Oct. 22, the debate team hopes to see more specifics from the candidates, and more of an effort to keep things civil.