Agility Training for Medford Fire

MEDFORD, Ore. – Medford Fire is limbering up for agility training day. It’s an annual requirement for the entire force, and part of an ongoing 11-week training academy.

Young firefighters and veterans were timed through the agility course, with different time requirements for different age groups.

They had to climb a five story tower by ladder with weighted packs, hoist weights from the top of a tower using rope and pulley, drag and carry hoses, and finish it off with a half-mile run. Fire officials say physical fitness is an important part of doing their jobs.

“Whether it’s going to a car accident or putting out a structure fire, grass-fire, whatever, we want to make sure we stay in top physical form so we can serve our citizens most efficiently we can,” said Battalion Chief Ron Nelson.

Medford firefighters head up to Eugene next for some live fire training. They say the academy covers everything down to how to put on and remove equipment as quickly as possible.