Agencies Step Up Firework Enforcement

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — With Independence day getting closer, law enforcement and fire crews are teaming up to keep people safe from the fires and injuries over the holiday weekend.

Fire District 3 and Central Point Police Department will both be stepping up enforcement over the next few days, and will be looking out for people who are not following firework laws or who are shooting off illegal fireworks.

In Oregon, fireworks cannot go up in the air, explode, or travel more than 6 feet on the ground. Both agencies will also have extra crews on for the night of the holiday.

“We do respond to all of them. The priority ones would obviously be the ones that are creating some type of danger, or the illegal ones that are being shot up into the air or exploding,” said Lt. Scott Logue with the Central Point Police Department.

Fire officials also say people should be more cautious after the recent high temperatures and drying winds have resulted in extreme fire danger.