Agencies Prepare for “The Big One”

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CAVE JUNCTION, Ore. — Several agencies are coming together to help prepare people for the so-called “big one.”  That’s the earthquake experts believe is overdue in the Pacific Northwest.

Studies show an earthquake has hit our area every 300 – 350 years.  It’s been 310 years since the last one.  That’s why the Illinois Valley Fire District, the Ashland Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), and Josephine County Emergency Services are holding a 3-day community training event.

Terri Eubanks, the CERT Program Coordinator for Ashland, said it is important to have a game plane just in case, “You should decide how that looks like to you.  How do you survive? Does it mean you make a 72-hour kit?  What to do when you’re not with your family members?”

Officials say you can prepare little by little.  For information on how to prepare click here.