Affirmative Action Not A Factor At SOU

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Originally from Saudi Arabia, Southern Oregon University student Abdullaziz Alhumoudi said he has fallen in love with both the university and Ashland since moving here two years ago.

“I’ve been traveling a lot. I couldn’t find anymore nicer people here, this is the place to be,” said Alhumoudi.

Southern Oregon University bases its admissions process on grade point average, test scores and sometimes admission essays. A contrast from some selective universities in the country who consider other factors such as race. Alhumoudi said he sometimes feels uncomfortable filling out his ethnicity on paperwork, no matter what it’s for.

“I get a little bothered sometimes because I don’t know why it matters, because we’re all the same in the end, you know,” said Alhumoudi.

SOU officials said it’s simple, if an applicant has the grades and scores, they’re in.

“The average is currently about a 3.24 is the average freshman GPA when they come in and the average SAT score is about a 1027. So if you have grades like that, you’re in. There’s really no questions asked,” said Jim Beaver with SOU.

Both students and university officials agree, diversity is a good thing for students.

“We do have diversity, and we would like more diversity, but we don’t change our rules to achieve that,” said Beaver.

Alhumoudi said he’s exactly where he wants to be and has felt welcomed since his first day on campus.

“The good thing about SOU is they don’t focus on who you are or where you come from. They only care if you’re willing to be here and willing to do your work here,” said Alhumoudi.