Aerial Attack On Forest Fires

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NEAR APPLEGATE LAKE, Ore. – An extremely remote area and steep terrain has crews increasing their efforts on fires near Applegate Lake. Because the fires are in such a remote area, equipment like helicopters are crucial. So crews are increasing the number of aircraft and the space they have to hold them.

The Lick Fire, south of Applegate Lake, is 80 acres and 10% contained. The hello fire in the red butte wilderness has increased to 220 acres. The fires are in remote areas,which requires a long hike from ground crews;that’s meant the best way to get to fires is by air.

Fire teams have now brought in 6 helicopters, and increased their heli-base to accommodate even more aircraft. Crews say as the fires spread, the helicopters will become even more important, both for dropping water on the flames, and transporting firefighters.

One thing working in the crews favor is the weather. Fire managers say the winds have been low, and have kept the fire from expanding too quickly. Beginning Friday morning, local resources will be handing things over to a Type 2 incident management team to better handle the increasing number of equipment, crews and logistics that are out fighting these fires.